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Carolyn Waters Singer/Songwriter: REVIEWS

" What's the shorthand for her style? I'll try socially conscious soul. She could fit in with classic Motown with Woody Guthrie influence"

"Singers work for a lifetime to get what Carolyn was born with...."

" With the volume of recordings I am flooded with, I rarely get to play a complete album. Carolyn’s is one of the rare ones that I have listened to many times over. Great work."

Jim Albertson host of “Down Jersey Radio Program”

"Carolyn Waters and BACWaters featured at the North Street Coffeehouse open mic in August. Carolyn was at the top of her game and her band was really tight. She blew us away with her powerful velvety voice and her original songs were honest and right on. Thank you, Carolyn, for making us feel your music in our souls!"

Janet McKetchnie - North Street Coffehouse

"Carolyn's voice is amazing, captivating, compelling—any superlative will fit. I don't believe I have heard such a rich, velvety, and yes—bluesy—voice locally in years".

"As soon as the music started, I experienced what can only be described as a head turning, jaw dropping moment. Carolyn’s voice hit me like a wave – a very big, very good kind of wave, the kind that makes you feel like you are floating away to someplace really nice and you never want to come back. ".

“Carolyn’s songs are personal and have an emotional quality that moves the soul. Her easy natural style communicates immediately with your heart. Her performance is calm but powerful, putting you at ease and making you feel that all is right with the world. I look forward to hearing Carolyn perform her wonderful creations in the future. The best is yet to come.”

"Carolyn's music is hypnotic, in a deeply soulful groove. You've heard it said that pure music seems to "flow" through a great singer? Go hear Carolyn to experience the real thing."

“This [singing] is what you should be doing for the rest of your life.”

Peggy Seeger, Folk Singer, Songmaker and Activist

In the Studio

"Carolyn's beautiful voice and spirit have been an inspiration to all who have had the pleasure of being in the audience! Thank you so much for all that you are and all that you have contributed on behalf of the work we do."

Jacquelin Apsler, Executive Director, Domestic Violence Services Network

“At a recent recording session, a good friend of mine, after listening to Carolyn sing, commented “She sounds like Ella Fitgerald!” My response: “No, Ella sounds like Carolyn.” Although she was blessed with a soulful, vibrant voice, I continue to be impressed with how hard Carolyn works at her craft. She has performed on my first two CDs, and like a fine wine, gets better with time. Carolyn has the kind of voice that makes listeners forget about their problems and feel wonderfully at peace.”

Charlie Appelstein, MSW

"Carolyn Waters pours her soul into her vocals."

Susan Dziedzic, The Broadcaster North


"I can honestly say that Carolyn's singing at my wedding ceremony was one of my favorite wedding day moments. Several guests commented on the beauty of her voice and how wonderfully her sound carried in the stone chapel. She was a joy to have sing on our special day."

Robin Pataki